Good graphic design exhibits restraint.

Clean. Clear. Simple. Good design should convey your message as efficiently as possible without a lot of extra fluff. Tebo Design Studio produces logos, advertising and marketing materials that get to the point quickly and demand a second look.

Your image is a vital part of your business and must do more than just “look pretty”. First impressions are everything and your corporate image has to work hard for you.

A full-service design studio with over 15 years experience, Tebo Design can provide you with design solutions that best meet your needs, from a simple ad to a corporate identity program.

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Knowledge counts.

Our job doesn’t end after your project is designed. As an independent print consultant, Tebo Design Studio works closely with local and national print vendors and has an extensive hands-on experience with the printing process. We can oversee your project from beginning to end to ensure it proceeds smoothly once it leaves the design table. Our print prices are competitive and are accompanied by one of the best guarantees in the business.

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